Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Travel — Cabo In Style

By Bob Page

Let me confess up front. I love Cabo.
No, not necessarily the town of Cabo San Lucas, with all of its craziness. Spend a little time bar hopping between  Squid Row and the Giggling Marlin and you’ll get a fast introduction to Cabo’s fun side.
I criticize them not and for a certain age crowd, why not but when you get to be on the long side of 50 (or is it 60 or 70, you choose!), I think you look for a little more  sophisticated peace and quiet.
So, on a recent foray “down Mexico way,” as Sinatra sang it, we popped in for a few days  at the Westin Resort and Spa, which is airport-close and a short hop to San Jose del Cabo.
San Jose,  as the locals call it, is San Lucas’ sort of sister town, although about the only thing they have in common is the Corridor Road through which they  will be forever linked.
San Lucas is new, loud  and funky. San Jose is historic, a port and quiet.
The most photographed icon is Cabo’s unique rock formation known as “El Arco” and when you arrive at the Westin, you’ll quickly imagine that its famed architect, Javier Sordo Madaleno, must have had “El Arco” in mind when he sat down to design this spectacular property.
Someone once referred to the Westin as “colorful and an exciting architectural gem” where  “Candyland meets Frank Lloyd Wright.” I’d guess that  Madaleno would accept the compliment.
The hotel folks will tell you that it was literally cut  into the side of the cliffs, blending colors of the sea, sun and desert with straight lines, rigid edges and fantastic geometrical forms. It’ll absolutely take your breath away. This magnificent red stone building leads out to the Sea of Cortez.
Every one of the Westin’s 243 rooms has a private balcony and most with a view of the Sea of Cortez.
Well, so much for the brick and mortar. What will leave you talking and dreaming about how soon you can get back to the Westin are the folks who run it, the food you’ll eat, the wine you’ll drink and the spa where you’ll dream off into la la land while some pretty young masseuse works to rejuvenate the spirits in your body.
After all, isn’t that one of the reasons to travel?  To be spoiled!
In the mood for a swim? Seven pools from which to choose, including a free-form pool with an infinity edge. Or, how about the Margarita Pool with its swim-up bar.
Hungry? They’ll never let that happen to you at the Westin. There is fabulous upscale dining at Arrecifes. Chef Jesus Olivares has masterfully created not-to-miss Tuna Tartar with creamy avocado as an appetizer. Entre seafood choices range from Mexican Seabass to Pacific Salmon Steak and, of course, there is a wide selection of USDA imported Angus prime beef dishes from which to choose.
And whatever you do, don’t miss the Westin’s barbecue on the beach. It makes for a  memorable night. The cold stations and hot stations were all about Mexican dishes, everything from guacamole to scrimp, Mexican hors d’oeuvres, hand-made tortilla and tacos al pastor.
For dessert, everything  from flan to Mexican  sweet desserts to s’mores.
What fun. I couldn’t possibly remember the last time I had s’mores!
The ultimate spoil for yourself would be to book a room in one of the Royal Beach Club and Suites and you’ll have access to a Royal Beach Club Lounge that allows you to stop in for a continental breakfast with hot options, coffee, tea, fruit and snacks anytime; and at sunset, hors d’oeuvres, wines and beer, soft drinks and bottled water.
The Westin is wonderful at booking ideas for you away from the  hotel. You can take a sunset cruise along the coastline, or rent a car and explore Santa Maria Bay or pop to Todos Santos, a quaint coastal town known for its spectacular surf.
Hotel choices are many between the two Cabos, which makes options plentiful.
Choose the Westin. You’ll be glad you did.

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