Friday, April 27, 2012

Daniel Corral, high hopes

A pride for the sport of Ensenada, Baja California and Mexico is Daniel Corral Barron, who at only 22 has one of the most wanted achievement for any high performance athlete, the classification of the Olympic Games.

The athlete won one of his greatest dreams and became the first gymnast in over fifteen years to get your ticket to the Olympics.

Far from the spotlight and the pressure of representing Mexico at the Olympics, Daniel Corral is prepared on the premises of Ensenada Gymnastics Club, supervised by their coach Oscar Aguirre, who is seeking his pupil cap reaches the fair summer.

With simple and friendly attitude, the gymnast explains that in the months leading up to the Olympics feels no pressure, more than others just as in the qualifiers.

"Well, glad, I'm much calmer, more relaxed even more than before a classification Olympic Games, is a new stage for me, for my team and we are taking full advantage."

Yet a state and a country on the lookout for his performance in London in 2012, Corral says makes no promises as to results, but emphasized that goes with the aim of improving their performances all previous powers and trusts that have what it takes to have a historical performance for Mexico.

"You work to overcome their same brands, that's what we're focusing, and the end results or will on their own but you have to focus on overcoming their own brands, their own scores, climbing brands, up routines , risking everything, that's how I see that you can reach the Olympic finals, including an Olympic medal. "

The Ensenada adds that can not talk about how it is in terms of capacity to three months of the Games, more clear that feels good and that he and his team are focused on arriving at his best on British soil.

"I think the person to know is my coach, but I really feel great, the team consists of pure people who specialize in your area, whether the psychologist, the sports doctor, my coach, I think my training fully addressed my main competition is the Olympics and I believe that within the graph, we are seventy or eighty percent. "

Corral Barron did not focus on their preparation as a result of which got its ticket to London, explains that the process dates from years ago and that the ticket is the result of a long work.

"The preparation process did not start from the classification, is a project that was done for many years, since I turned 10 years was a project that was formed and in which he worked ever since."

The "Buenos Aires" is a gymnast rather than consolidated nationwide and more than fifty gold medals in the Olympic National Championships and Pan American Games are displayed in clear, but after qualifying to London, her life has changed and states that the most important change has noticed is in himself.

"I have not thought about the great impact that has occurred in my life, I believe that if I do a recap of how my life was before to how it is right now, if there have been some changes, the biggest change I've seen has been in me, I learned many things, I understand many things not previously understood and much of that I owe it to the gym. "

Long distance

Daniel began his walk in the gym since I was a small, three years and recalled that it was thanks to his mother, who, looking for his little spend their energy on an activity, chose to take Gymnastics Club Ensenada.

"I started at age three and a half, in this gym I've been all my life, the reason I went was for my mom, she wanted an activity where I could spend some energy, spend a little and found my hyperactivity gymnastics, and I'm still here. "

Corral Barron noted that since it was posted in the apparatus, his love for fitness grew and never thought of another discipline to practice a high level.

"It was always the gym, from tiny sport was always interested me, even I played with my companions, at recess, all sports, basketball, football, baseball, volleyball, all I had to play but was more than no recreation, as was always competitive stage gymnastics that caught my attention. "

Yachts setting sail in annual Newport to Ensenada race

By Jenny Stockdale, Special to the Daily Pilot
April 26, 2012 | 9:00 p.m.
In the words of Dennis St. Onge, "Yellow is fast."

He's the captain of a 1940s Ford woody station wagon-turned-motorboat that will be hard to miss at the start of this weekend's 65th annual Newport to Ensenada yacht race.

"And yellow is going to win this year. Mark my words!" he added, rooting specifically for the 1980s, yellow carbon fiber monohull Taxi Dancer, which placed in the race's top 10 in 2011.

St. Onge, a San Diego resident and professional photographer, has shared the waters with Newport to Ensenada racers since 1993. He uses his sunflower yellow, car-shaped boat to provoke smiles of race attendees and participants alike.

From his sunroof, he has a bird's-eye view of the entire competition.

"I'm kind of all over the roof, which you can bet gives me the ultimate photo platform," he said. "My main goal, though, is to never have an effect on the race other than being positive and helping people have fun. It's kind of like being a seagull."

Just off the Balboa Pier on Friday, more than 218 yachts will negotiate the wind and water for 125 nautical miles to a new finish line at the Hotel Coral and Marina in Ensenada.

Cruising boats start at 11 a.m., following by racing boats at 12:40 p.m.

The vessel that gets to the Ensenada breakwater with the shortest corrected handicap time, which accounts for variations in speed and ability among the sailing vessels, wins.

St. Onge's vessel, Da-Woody, though not competing, has been deemed the event's unofficial mascot. The boat can sometimes be seen with a nameless parrot perched atop and an 18-foot American flag trailing behind its 12-foot hull.

"I add a little color to the event, besides yellow," St. Onge said. "The race is good, clean fun, and it's extremely therapeutic. When I go out on my boat and see folks smiling back at me, it's like a perfect world. If you make someone else happy, you're happy and it makes a giant happy snowball that just gets bigger and better."

Yellow isn't the only fast ingredient of this race.

Lexus is giving the winner a two-year lease on a 2013 Lexus GS 350 sedan.

Starting the race are Bill Gibbs' 52-foot multihull Afterburner; Per Peterson's Dencho 70, Alchemy; Bob Lane's Andrews 63.3, Medicine Man; the Tres Gordos' Andrews 50, It's OK; and the Reichel/Pugh 68, Taxi Dancer, owned by Dick Compton, Jim Yabsley and Tom Parker.

Missing from this year's race, due to a sailing obligation in New York, will be Dennis Conner and his Farr 60, Stars & Stripes. His vessel was the first monohull to finish in 2011, first in its class and first overall on corrected handicap time.

"He's sad to miss this one," said Rich Roberts, a press officer for the race. "But a lot of folks are pleased. Dennis being absent might give them chance to win this year."

All racers will challenge the 2009 elapsed time record of 10 hours, 37 minutes and 50 seconds, held by Doug Baker's monohull, Magnitude 80.

They'll also be chasing the untouchable 1998 record of the late Steve Fossett, who sailed his 60-foot catamaran Stars & Stripes through the finish line in 6 hours, 46 minutes, 40 seconds. To date, it is the only boat ever to finish before sundown on the same day it started.

Chuck Iverson, commodore of the organizing Newport Ocean Sailing Assn., thinks there's a possibility of beating that unfathomable record.

"It's a long shot, but there are a few catamarans that could pull it off this year," he said, "and if this front goes through and the wind picks up at just the right time, there is a chance the record could be broken."

Monday, April 23, 2012

DOIN' VINE! The Story of Baja Norte's Valle Guadalupe Wine Country

Tom Gatch, March 22, 2012

A warmer and sunnier than average winter season in 2012 has been the barer of good news for the wine producers in Baja Norte’s Valle de Guadalupe, which lies just a few miles to the northeast of Ensenada. Many of the most popular varietals grown here hail originally from the Mediterranean region, where dry and sunny weather entices the robust Graciano and marvelously rich Tempranillo grapes in Spain as well as the rich, complex Nebbiolo and Sangiovese strains in Italy to grow ripe, plump and juicy on the vine.

A majority of the local wineries in Valle Guadalupe, a region which annually produces over 90% of Mexican wines, focus their attention upon growing red varietals; although the area also offers a few notable whites such as oaky Chardonnays and crisp Chenin Blancs. Weather is the number one factor relating to the quality of the fruit, followed by proper vineyard management, quantity control, site selection and irrigation. But, however encouraging the growth of the relatively fledgling Baja wine industry has been, there are a couple of obstacles that stand between its current level of operation and achieving the ultimate goal of world class recognition, which many noted wine connoisseurs believe it well deserves.

The most important of these is water, a precious commodity that has become incrementally shorter in supply as population in the burgeoning city of Ensenada continues to grow. However, a number of solutions have been proposed in recent years, including the building of desalination facilities to supply Ensenada. But one of the most innovative proposals is to pipe in gray water from the huge metropolis of Tijuana to use for crop irrigation.
Another issue that inhibits expansion of the industry is the high tax that is levied on wines in Mexico. Once perceived to be the beverage of the wealthy, beer and tequila were viewed as the official libations of the masses and high domestic tariffs were established to make sure that those who enjoyed the privilege of savoring a bottle of fine wine paid their fair share.
The sales and excise tax on wine in the state of Baja California is currently 41%. It was supposed to jump up to 45.5% back in February, but Baja’s governor signed a last minute reprieve that postponed the tax on local wine producers for at least a year. As a point of comparison, the tax total on an equivalent bottle of California wine sold just across the border is only between 7 and 10 percent.
These days, several of our local wineries are producing high quality wines that seem to get better with each passing vintage. Amongst them, some of the most prominent and popular vineyards are Malagon, Fuentes. Vinisterra, Tres Valles, Liceaga and Roganto, but there are many smaller operations in the area that also kick out some top flight products. 
Simply drive south on coastal toll road toward Ensenada and about 1.5 miles past the third and final toll station at Playa San Miguel look for a sign reading Tecate Highway 3 or "Ruta del Vino". Exit to the right onto Highway 3 and drive up and over the foothills for seven miles until you drop down into the wine country at San Antonio de las Minas.
You can read about fine wines, you can talk about them …but it’s more fun to actually sample them before committing to buy a bottle. And the very best way to get the real flavor and complexity of the Baja wine experience is to visit Valle de Guadalupe yourself!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Juan Gabriel in Ensenada 2012

Saturday April 28, 2012 - 6:30 pm

Location: Cruise Terminal, Ensenada B.C

The Joshua Tree - U2 Tribute in Ensenada 2012

This April 21 The Joshua tree is presented to give tribute to U2.

Rancho San Gabriel - Valle de Guadalupe, Ensenada

There will be karaoke contest.

Prices (Arema ticket):

$ 270.00
$ 472.50

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Poster Contest II "Citizen Participation"

Posted April 10, 2012by Elizabeth VargasThe Electoral Institute and Citizen Participation (IEPC) in Baja California, invites students of secondary and higher education to II Poster Contest "Citizen Participation".This contest is conducted in coordination with the Autonomous University of Baja California, the state education system, through the Center of Culture of Lawfulness and Culture Institute of Baja California.So inform the lawyer Maria Lourdes Gonzalez Lopez, in charge of the Directorate of Electoral Processes and urged high school students and public and private universities in the state to participate in this competition whose main purpose is to contribute to democratic life.The bases provide that students may participate with individual or group. The poster should evoke the theme of citizen participation, understanding this to the different actions you can take out a person to contribute to resolving issues or problems in their community and influence legally in the decisions of its government .Entries must be original and free technique required format of 41 by 61 inches, on rigid base, the design of the poster may be in any illustration technique, provided it is suitable for reproduction by technical means, unlimited ink. The reception of the work should come signed by the author and the institution they represent and are being received and has a deadline of May 31 this year.The jury will be composed of specialists in the field, who will consider the effectiveness of the design, concept and theme, originality, visual impact and quality of the poster. The jury will be released June 15th through the portal of the IEPC parties may submit their posters and also on magnetic media at the following addresses:Mexicali. Industry Road No. 291. Col, Industrial. Tel 686 55986 91Tijuana. Perimeter Road No. 7125. Stage Three Zona Rio Tel, 664 9 73 05 08Tecate. Blvd, New York. No, 185. Fracc. Jardines del Pedregal. Tel 665 6544123 ext 1103.Ensenada. Extension Blvd Zertuche No. 6474, Col. Chapultepec. Tel 646 1 522809Playas de Rosarito. Guerrero Blvd. Plaza la Tortuga. Tel 661 61278 91 ext.116.He selected the thirteen best works, these will form part of the collection of posters for the promotion and dissemination of civic culture and political issue Electoral Institute.The top three will be awarded the following prizesFirst. $ 10,000.00Tenth second to third. $ 3,000.00Awards will be given to all participants.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday commemorated in Ensenada

Hundreds of people gathered this Friday to perform the staging of the Cross, where the faithful were in charge of carrying the cross.

As every year, on this date, the Catholic Christians share the way of the cross, remembering the day that Christ died for the salvation of sins.

The day Jesus was sentenced to death, is one of the most important dates of holy days, a day on which fasting is part of the ritual, as the Catholic Church.

There were nine men who carried the cross in the ordeal that made the Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe, culminating with a mass in the same facilities.

Amanda Rodriguez attends this event every year and explained that it is a way of prayer to remember the passion of Jesus Christ on his way to Calvary.

The path is represented by a series of images of the Passion or "stations" for incidents that Jesus suffered for the salvation of mankind.

For Joel Echeverri, one of those charged by a short cross from about 40 kilograms, said he did it to "feel for a moment what Jesus felt that day."

"I wanted to get for a moment at the place of the Lord carried her to imagine for all that He spent even just a moment," he said.

Accompanied by his family, said it is important as a Catholic, value the sacrifice that Christ made for the forgiveness of the sins of mankind, as the greatest act of love.

"These are days that we must live them in family, in communion with our loved ones and help each other, because I think we need to all human love and affection," he said.

In doing, he continued, we remember with love and thanks so much Jesus suffered for our salvation from sin during his passion and death.

Guillermo Herrera, one of the participants of the procession, said he carried the cross as part of a promise for the health of your family prevails.

For him, this time is for repentance and unity, where the ties should be strengthened.

He said it is important that in these times, there is more closer to God, because times are tough, in which the love between there must be similar.

Ricardo Figueroa, Leonel Miranda, Miguel Angel Peraza, Cesar Rodriguez, Rogelio Valdez, Florentino Sanchez and Jose Alberto Diaz, were other faithful who carried the cross, a distance of approximately five blocks.

During the seven seasons that includes the Via Crucis, the faithful read passages from the Bible, where the suffering of Jesus to Calvary, is represented.

The ordeal ended at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe, where later he would make the celebration of the Lord's Passion and the Rosary of condolences.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

With all rain event Castro Limon Foundation.

Hugo Martinez the first to reach the goal.

Posted March 17, 2012
by Elizabeth Vargas

Despite the rain that occurred on Saturday morning around 1 000 500 runners participated in the Bike Ride III "Pedaling for a life expectancy" organized by the foundation Castro Limon.
With cold and rain attendees departed at 10:30 on Saturday, the "Baja Studios" in Rosarito for the distance of 60 miles to the Rancho Toros Pintos on Bibayoff Winery in Guadalupe Valley crossing the road free by the Tigre.
Hundreds of attendees flocked to support their family on a tour where you could watch the cheerleaders with raincoats and umbrellas.
The first to reach the goal of this trip was the rider Hugo Martinez of the city of Tijuana, who was involved needs to be happy despite the weather, because it was for a noble cause, as is support children with cancer.
According to the organizers expected a share of about 3 000 runners but due to rain only got a little more than half of the attendees.
Roberto Castro and David Bibayoff appreciated the support received by brokers and relatives of these and forward to next year for this walk will be held at a date further away from the rains.
After the race there was a popular festival in which various sponsors who had tendered their products.

Monday, April 2, 2012

It marked World Water Day.

"The sustainable management of water as a long-term," was the themeCONAGUA presented as part of the celebration of World Water Day is held everyMarch 22 since 1992.
Our state is one of the areas with less precipitation throughout the republic, of which the main source of water supply is the Colorado River, which provides 1.850 million cubic meters, followed by a thousand 100 million taken from the basement,where agriculture consumes 80 percent of the volumes, said Ismael Grijalva whoholds Palomino CONAGUA of Baja California.

A consequence of this situation, the National Water Commission has made overthe past five years invested more than 3 billion pesos in the casing and tubingchannels permitting the recovery of bodies of water, irrigation efficiency and to helpstrengthen the generation of food.

Ismael Grijalva reiterated that currently there are great challenges, as demand is increasing fluid so they seek alternative supply such as desalination of seawaterand wastewater reuse mainly in the municipalities of Tijuana, Ensenada and Rosarito.

World Water Holding was created in the environment conference in Rio de Janeiroin 1992, which aims to remember the importance of water for humans using thisyear's theme of "Water and Food Security" .

Young clean Arroyo Ensenada

The Municipal Institute Youth Ensenada (IMJUVENS) in coordination with the Association AGER implemented this day a day of cleaning Cove Brook (between sixth and seventh), and the reforestation of 100 oaks in Doña Petra Canyon.
This was announced by the Director of IMJUVENS Juan Angel Estrada Cruz, who said that this time involving about 350 young people and social service providers belonging to the civil partnership.

He noted that these actions are aimed at raising awareness, form a judgment on them the responsibility to maintain in good environmental conditions and give the message that youth is not apathetic participatory.

"Young people who are participating are doing so voluntarily and is a call that youth is here to support others and that their attitude is positive," said Estrada Cruz.

He said that in this day involved cleaning staff of the Municipal Utilities and the Department of Ecology to provide the guidance necessary to carry out reforestation of oaks.

Finally, Juan Angel Estrada Cruz, IMJUVENS Holder mentioned that these campaigns are still underway, as well join the other programs that implements the Municipal Government as it is Fulfilling Commitments to Ensenada.

Program to support cultural

The call opens Pacmyc 2012 period for receipt of projects that strengthen cultural identity and cultural processes of communities, geographic and symbolic spaces where they develop, said the ICBC representative in Ensenada, Vanessa González Verdugo.
The Directorate General of Popular Culture National Council for Culture and the Arts and the departments, institutes, councils and culture addresses of state governments, in this case, the Cultural Institute of Baja California, summoned the Program Support Municipal and Community Cultures Pacmyc 2012.

The representative of ICBC said that this call means economic resources impact projects around a particular cultural expression in a specific population or region, with amounts of up to 50 thousand dollars.

He added that in order that interested parties are directed to information on the requirements, how to present the project documentation to provide, among other points of the call, ICBC will provide the Project Development Workshop to participate in Pacmyc 2012.

The workshop will be held free of charge on Tuesday 27 March 16:00 to 18:00 hours at the City Gallery, next to the Representation of ICBC, in the Civic Center Building, Social and Cultural Riviera.

The workshop will be taught by Pedro Hernandez of the Department of Popular Culture of ICBC, based in Tijuana. Those interested can contact us by telephone 177 31 30 ICBC Ensenada.

They realize in the UABC Ensenada megaclase For World Day for Physical Activity

With great success the authorities and students of the School of Sport of the Autonomous University of Baja California (UABC), today celebrated the World Day of Physical Activity with the support of the Sports Institute (INDE).
From eleven o'clock hundreds of runaway slaves of different races on campus, arrived at the Golden Valley University Gym to participate in the mass physical training class.

Dr. Alma Pedrote was responsible for opening the first stage of the class with warm muscles and joints, then Zumba instructor Dina Romero put all exercising to the beat of the music, to end the class Dr. Felipe Villegas responsible for instructing students about breathing techniques and relaxation.

Later, the student of the Bachelor of Sport and Physical Activity, Erick Arturo Flores gave a demonstration of Tae Kwon Do along with his students in the Institute Cardenas. Meanwhile, the Dragons team batons made ​​Ensenada a harmonious spectacle of gymnastics, strength and coordination.

Finally, the student Raul Heredia along with his friends held a show of extreme biking on ramps and transitions.

Events scheduled in April, month of the book

The Programme for the Promotion of Reading Culture Institute of Baja California (ICBC) will follow in April with The Amazing Mazes Cycle of the word, through which it seeks to bring the community to work and life of great writers of all time, and thereby encourage the love of reading.
The representative of ICBC in Ensenada, Vanessa González Verdugo said that The Essentials: the labyrinths of the word, is dedicated to those authors whose work was a universal present us a picture between fantasy and reality.

The vision of these writers literary urges us to recall those places they inhabit characters that somehow we face as great but full of complex social roles.

Reported that the City Gallery is hosting this activity scheduled in April 13 and 20 on Fridays at 19:30 hrs. with free admission. This invites a writer, a professor of literature, poet or someone related to the area to share the work of a writer as is the case of Quetzalli Perez Ocampo who will speak on the letters of Jose Emilio Pacheco, on Friday 13 in April.

Verdugo Gonzalez added that as part of World Book and Copyright, commemorating 200 years of the birth of Charles Dickens, on Saturday April 21 will be held on the Book Bazaar, an activity that brings together local booksellers, authors and Ensenada Conaculta Reading Rooms. The venue will be the Revolution Park from 10:00 to 17:00 hrs. with free admission.

To conclude the month for the Promotion of Reading, Ensenada ICBC invites the community to exercise Literary open to the public by the students of Experimental Literature Workshop ICBC, on Wednesday April 25 at the City Gallery at 18 : 00 hrs. with free admission.

Also on Friday 27 April at 19:30 hrs. Also in the Gallery of the City shall be the meeting with Youth Literature with Carmina Cycle coelo possunt deducere lunam. Free admission.

Announce: Quantum Foam 4th. International Contemporary Dance Festival

From 25 April to 2 May, the State Center for the Arts Ensenada (CEARTE) under the Cultural Institute of Baja California (ICBC) will hold the 2012 edition of "quantum foam. 4th. International Contemporary Dance Festival ", formerly called" Danza also Ensenada. "
At a press conference headed by the Representative of ICBC in Ensenada, Vanessa Verdugo Gonzalez CEARTE Coordinator, Natalia Badán Extension Officer and Artistic CEARTE, Kelda Garcia Rivera, reported that the festival in its 4th. edition will feature dancers and choreographers from Canada, Mexico, Argentina and Colombia.

"Quantum Foam. 4th. International Contemporary Dance Festival "will feature a week of activity with eight shows - two of them free-, two photo exhibitions, a Club Film Series, a series of screenings and an independent documentary.

Dangon Badán noted that local and regional artistic presence has an important place in the festival, which is reflected in the participation of local photographers and Jesus Lopez Ines Gorosave Aramburo, whose exhibition "Quantum Foam" and "kinetic Souls" will accompany the Contemporary Dance Workshop CEARTE at the inaugural festival.

From Thursday 26 Mexican and foreign companies will begin their tour of the stage Experimental CEARTE Forum Company participating Lost & Found, Montreal / Canada; Contemporary Dance Underground, Tijuana, Baja California / Mexico, La Linea de Owls, Mexicali, Baja California / Mexico, Yucatan / Mexico Tumaka't Dance Company, the group Rubberbandance, Quebec / Canada and Air Focus Productions of the Federal District / Mexico.

Admission to each of the shows will be 100 pesos, with tickets from 50 pesos for students, seniors and teachers, plus the option of a subscription to all shows with cost, priced at $ 400.00.

Unlike previous festivals, 4th. edition will offer a free show at the close of the festival on Wednesday May 2, plus projections Cycle Dance "Bodies radiant. The dance of the twentieth century, "which opened this March as a preparatory to the festival in the development of audiences for dance.

CEARTE Coordinator, Natalia Badán Dangon, stressed that the festival since renamed as above was obsolete. Quantum Foam emerged as a poetic name representing Ensenada through the sea, the scientific community that resides here, body movement of the dance and that is exemplified through the dynamism of the sea.

Octopus: eight arms much intelligence

At the Center for Scientific Research and Higher Education of Ensenada, Baja California (CICESE), a research team at the Aquaculture Department led by Dr. Monica Hernandez conducts studies aimed at achieving the survival of early life stages of three octopus species have commercial importance.
These are called Ocellated octopus paralarvae California (Octopus bimaculoides) of red octopus (Octopus rubescens) and octopus two spots of California (Octopus bimaculatus).

Octopuses are considered more intelligent invertebrates, understood as the ability to learn from experience and problem solving. They have a highly developed nervous system (two thirds in the brain and the rest is in the arms). Their ability to solve problems, overcome obstacles and memorize patterns has been proven by scientists from many disciplines. Jacques-Yves Cousteau, documentary filmmaker and naturalist of the seas, said: "The timidity of the octopus is a rational reaction primarily based on prudence. If the diver is able to show it is harmless, you lose the shyness quickly, faster than any other wild species. "

In the case of Octopus rubescens, its distribution extends from the bottom of California to the Gulf of Alaska, weighs 400 grams, makes it 20,000 to 50,000 eggs, spawning peaks are two: one in April and May, and the other between July and August. In the laboratory of Dr. Monica Hernandez have been fertilized females in the wild, so they have had paralarvae fed unenriched Artemia and died between the third and fourth day. They also performed another test, keeping paralarvae without aeration and moderate thinking of the effect of turbulence, but even with these variations the result was the same: 100 percent mortality.

The results of research conducted by Dr. Monica team, led him to wonder what is the effect of prey size? Their observations indicate that prey take paralarva of the same size, or three mm.

To better control mortality had to separate shelters to feed on mussels or mussels (bivalve molluscs of the family Mytilidae), squid and shrimp. So managed to keep alive a number for behavioral studies, Octopus rubescens. Observed diurnal and nocturnal behavior, displays aggressive when other guys were very close, travel preferences, etc..

By varying the temperature changes observed in the coloration of the octopus very abrupt, occurring from very light to red tones, and changing its shape to that of a cowrie (Cupressus sempervirens), trying to hide their arms and blend well. Dr. Hernandez said that this behavior probably serves to protect your arms, because they are located in the suction cups that serve to detect textures, substrates, and to catch its prey, and documenting that they have about 50 million of nerves in each arm.