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How Many Expats Live In Mexico? We Still Do Not Know.

I was a little disturbed this weekend when I was told that the 1,000,000 expat numbers that we had been promoting could be incorrect.

Well we did a little research and even contacted “INEGI” which is The National Institute of Statistics and Geography for Mexico and they sent us a document drafted in 2000 stating that there was a total of 492,617 foreigners living in Mexico, 69.7% of that population is coming from the U.S. (INEGI “Los Extrangeros en Mexico”, page 17).

Take a look at these articles and viewpoints from these publishers in regards to “How Many Expats Live In Mexico

Point Of View #1
There are “Millions of Americans Living in Mexico”

One Million Americans in Mexico Can’t All Be Wrong

Reports are that approximately one million Americans live in Mexico. While it’s hard to verify that number, it’s not hard to imagine that it’s true. Some are working, of course, for U.S., Mexican, or other foreign corporations. You’ll find them in cities like Mexico City, Queretaro, and Monterrey.

And some live in Mexico just part-time…spending winter months in vacation homes where the weather is always warm and the cervezas are always cold.

The Great Escape: Are One Million More Americans Moving to Mexico?

I keep hearing this number from various sources. I don’t know just how they estimated this, but I do know one thing for sure.

Of those who are considering a move to Mexico, you could do no better than choosing our beautiful area right here at Lake Chapala, Ajijic.

Finding the American Dream - In Mexico

At some point last fall, the one millionth American established residency here in Mexico. That makes Mexico the host nation for the largest American expatriate community in the world. There are now more Americans living in Mexico than there are in the U.K. or Canada.

This trend is accelerating as the U.S. recession deepens and job losses across the United States accelerate. “We’ve seen an increase of almost 40 percent in the number of American citizens making inquiries about the requirements for moving to Mexico,” said an official at the Mexican Consulate in New York. “There are definitely more Americans emigrating to Mexico than this time last year.”

Point Of View #2
There Are NOT Millions of Americans living in Mexico

The One Million Person Lie

"A lie told often enough becomes the truth." Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

One thing you will see everywhere when reading up on Mexico is the oft told lie that one million Americans have retired there. This is the bandwagon approach to promotion, e.g. get on the Mexico bandwagon, one million Americans cannot be wrong. Travel guides and promoters repeat that figure constantly. Even a casual look reveals these headlines.

How many Americans live in Mexico? 600,000? 500,000? Less? More? Part 1

Americans (as well as the rest of the world) are becoming more comfortable with Mexico. As the relationships between the North American countries grow closer, more Americans than ever before are considering a move to Mexico, whether it be for retirement, to start a business, look for work or just to travel. One of the key factors that comes into play when most people consider moving to another country is how many of their fellow countrymen are already there. For all of our professed desire for independence, when push comes to shove, most of us really want to be in relatively close proximity to some people who are similar to us.

How Many Americans Live In Mexico? National identity cards for foreigners Part 2

One million Americans now live in Mexico, and 600,000 of that number are in Mexico City, according to research conducted by a university professor in Mexico. These new projections, substantially greater than what both the Mexican and U.S. Government agencies heretofore have suggested, appear to be nothing more than the byproduct of sloppy research. While the guessing game continues, Mexico has announced a national identity card program for foreign residents, and the creation of a database to track their whereabouts. The national identity card program may finally produce an the answer to the question, "How many Americans live in Mexico?"

So now that we have cleared that up… I guess!

Tell us, how many expats do you think are living in Mexico?

Brazil and Mexico win in Olympic soccer

By: sfgate


CARDIFF, Wales (AP) — Neymar inspired Brazil to a 3-1 victory over Belarus on Sunday to reach the quarterfinals of the Olympic men's football competition, while Mexico got its campaign back on track by beating Gabon 2-0.

In Sunday's other early match, Egypt played a to 1-1 draw against New Zealand in Group C, a result that means both sides must win their final game to stand a chance of progressing.

Brazil, seeking its first Olympic gold, went behind on eight minutes, but Alexandre Pato tied it up with a header in the 15th after a cross by Neymar. The Brazilian star scored with a right-footed shot in the 65th minute and then set up the final goal for recently signed Chelsea playmaker Oscar in injury time.

"I'm so glad that we won the game," said Neymar. "We played very well in the second half and now we are another step closer. It was very hard for us against a good Belarus team."

The victory in front of 66,000 people at Manchester's Old Trafford Stadium gives Brazil six points in Group C, three more than Belarus.

Mexican substitute Giovani Dos Santos scored twice in the second half to give the South Americans their victory in Coventry. Mexico, also considered a title contender, was held to a scoreless draw by South Korean in its opening game. The win puts Mexico top of Group B with four points, while Gabon has one. The top two teams in each of the four groups advance.

New Zealand forward Chris Wood opened the scoring from just in front of the goal on the 17th minute, and Egypt forward Mohamed Salah equalized following a counterattack in the 40th. Both teams had great chances at the end but couldn't capitalize on them.

"It was an excellent game for the supporters to watch," New Zealand coach Neil Emblen said. "In the second half both teams were desperate for a win. We had chances up to the last minute."

The teams now have one point each after two rounds. New Zealand will next face Brazil and Egypt will play Belarus.

Later Sunday, Uruguay can progress if it beats Senegal. Japan will also get through if it beats Morocco.

Hosts Britain, which tied its opening game against Senegal, play the United Arab Emirates at Wembley.

Vendimia in Baja's Guadalupe Valley

By: Sandra Dibble


Baja California’s annual vendimia, or grape harvest festival centered in the Guadalupe Valley, gets going this week and will last through much of August. Events include vineyard concerts, wine tastings and a paella contest. Some events are sold out, but there’s still a chance to partake in the celebrations. For a full listing, go to this link.

This week’s vendimia events include:

Saturday: Festival of Cheese Bread and Wine starting at 11 a.m at the L.A. Cetto Winery in the Guadalupe Valley. Tickets are 250 pesos (about $19) and can be purchased in advance through the winery’s website at

Sunday: Traditional regional cooking at Viña de Liceaga in the Guadalupe Valley. From 1:30 to 7 p.m. Admission price of 300 pesos (about $23), includes live music, two glasses of wine, and seating at a table with a board of cheese. Meals not includedin the price. No children.

Other notable events in the San Diego-Baja California region through Sunday, Aug. 5th include the following:

Wednesday: The summertime series, “Tardes de Jazz” features the Ensenada Jazz ensemble. Starting at 7 p.m. outside the Tijuana Cultural Center (Cecut) in the city’s Río Zone. Free.

Biological Dentistry Directory

By: Sanoviv


Biological Dentistry is the bridge between oral health and overall health. We know that the mouth is part of the body and they cannot be addressed as two separate entities. Dental treatments, materials and procedures done without considering whole body health can affect your well being.

We can identify each dental problem with any current health condition you may be experiencing. Many oral diseases are associated or can contribute to chronic degenerative diseases, central nervous system diseases, heavy metal load, heart and blood circulatory problems, just to name a few.

Biological dentistry is a more natural approach to treat oral maladies bearing in mind your overall health state.

What set Sanoviv's Biological Dentistry apart?

The greatest benefit of having an oral evaluation at Sanoviv is the fact that you will not just be assessed by a dentist, but rather by a whole team of health professionals committed to biological and alternative medical care. After your initial oral appointment is over, your assigned dentist will share all relevant findings in a joint medical meeting where doctors, dentists, psychologists, nutritionists and chiropractors meet daily to discuss your health conditions and come up with a customized therapy program with your whole body, not just your teeth and oral cavity, in mind. Thus, the recommendations are given with the knowledge of how these will affect all aspects of your health.

Three things to know about the Consulate of Mexico's health fair

By: Chelcey Adami


The Consulate of Mexico in Calexico hosted a health fair for four hours Friday afternoon at the Imperial Valley Mall. Its goal is to host at least one a month in different venues around the Valley with different focuses, said Adriana Buelna of Ventanilla de Salud.

Seventeen different agencies were involved with the health fair Friday including three new participants including Vantage Oncology and Healthy Homes. Roughly 200 people of all ages stopped at the health fair to speak with health specialists as well as to get informational materials and promotional items.

Buelna said diabetes, asthma and various forms of cancer are the most critical health issues facing the Imperial Valley.

El Centro resident Curt Pettijohn stopped in at the health fair Friday with family including his young daughter. He said he felt the health fair is a great idea to better educate people, especially children, on how to make healthier choices. He hopes that a similar health fair will be held in local schools.

Mexico, S.Korea sign cooperation agreement on tourism

By: Agencies


Mexico and South Korea on Thursday signed a memorandum of understanding to strengthen cooperation in tourism, Mexico's Tourism Ministry announced.

The bilateral agreement signed by Mexican Tourism Minister Gloria Guevara and Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism of South Korea, Kwak Young-Jin, aims to strengthen the sector and increase the flow of visitors, because "this activity is key to economic development in both countries," said the ministry.

According to Guevara, South Koreans are frequent visitors to Mexico. In the first five months of the year, the number of Korean visitors has increased 11.3 percent, compared with the same period last year.

"With the signing of this memorandum, Mexico is pursuing the strategy of market diversification, strengthening the goals outlined in the National Agreement on Tourism," said Guevara.

For his part, Deputy Minister Kwak said that the Maya world, cultural tourism, gastronomy and adventure had attracted the interest of Korean tourists, therefore, "Mexico has become one of the main destinations in the Americas."

He acknowledged Mexico's leadership worldwide in the tourism sector and the strong impetus given to the activity to include the sector in the final declaration at the meeting of leaders of the Group of Twenty (G20).

"Both countries will work to increase tourist flows, mainly involving the medical, culinary, luxury, adventure and nature, and sports tourism, sun and sand and culture," the Tourism Ministry said.

Metallica Holds Press Conference, Declares Love Of Mexico

By: Chris harris


Metallica’s four members held a press conference on Saturday, just before the first of their eight concerts at Palacio de los Deportes in Mexico City, Mexico.
During the press conference, Lars Ulrich — dwarf drummer — said Metallica love Mexico.

“We have had a longstanding love affair with all things Mexico, starting back in ’93 when we came down here and played five shows at the place we’re playing tonight, which resulted in the Binge & Purge box set, which was fantastic,” Lars says.

“We came back in ’99 and played at Foro Sol and did another three nights at Foro Sol a couple of years ago. So when we wanted to do the world premiere of this crazy new show, which is the first new show that we’ve done since we did Death Magnetic four years ago, we couldn’t think of a better place to do it than right here in Mexico City. And obviously, also, we have so many friends here, so many fans, a lot of people who come from Latin America and from a lot of different places. So we figured parking ourselves in Mexico City for a couple of weeks and playing all these shows and premiering this stage and kind of getting the Mexican fans to be part of the initiation of this new stage, we couldn’t think of a cooler place to do.”

The new stage setup sort of replicates one the band used decades ago, and marks the beginning of the Metallica 3D movie project. Some folks pointed out to me yesterday that the collapsing stage was intentional. No shit, dude.

Actor Robert Redford says adios to Baja California

By: Sandra Dibble


Robert Redford left Baja California last weekend, as quietly as when he first arrived in June to film J.C. Chandor’s “All is Lost” at Baja Studios south of Rosarito Beach.
A few days before returning to the United States, the 75-year-old actor shared some thoughts during a brief meeting with a small group of local Baja California reporters.
Redford told them about his fondness for Mexican culture, his need for privacy, and the pleasure he had taken in working on the film with Chandor.
“The reason I did this film was that he had created a vision that’s fresh and new but was also very bold, and I thought that this was a good thing for me to do at this time in my life,” Redford said.
In the movie, Redford is the lone actor, playing a man fighting for survival at sea.
A video released Friday by the Baja California Tourism Secretariat shows the actor relaxed, frequently joking and laughing while speaking with the reporters.
Redford told them of growing up in Los Angeles, in a neighborhood where most of his neighbors were Mexican. “I’ve always loved enchiladas,” he said, then quipped, “my favorite food is tequila.”
He said “more people should know” about areas of Mexico that are safe, and accused U.S. media of overplaying the violence. “It’s unfortunate since there are so many areas of Mexico that are safe to visit, that more people should know this,” Redford said.

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Alternative Cancer Treatments at Sanoviv

By: Sanoviv Medical Institute


Cancer is not a single disease. It is a group of more than one hundred distinct and different illnesses that all begin with cellular abnormalities.

Understanding the uniqueness of your cancer, as well as the genetic, lifestyle, and environmental components that may have contributed to its occurrence is the basis of the integrative medicine we practice at Sanoviv.

Learning about you as an individual, as well as the type of cancer you are fighting, is critically important in determining the individual treatment that will work best for you. Treating cancer and working with you for a cure is what Sanoviv does best. Conventional approaches such as chemotherapy and radiation cannot be used continually because of their high toxicity and the side effects that are often more dangerous to a long life than the cancer itself.

Sanoviv offers cancer solutions drawn on the newest, evidence-based holistic, alternative, and integrative treatments that are based on your body chemistry and your body history. We have been welcoming guests since 1999 to our organic, oceanside healing retreat, where rigorous treatments like hyperthermia are balanced with detoxifying, relaxing spa experiences. 

Please allow us to guide you on your journey to your best possible health.

Mexico's Pena Nieto backs stronger trade ties with Asia

By: Dave Graham


MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - Mexico must look to increase its trade with Asia, especially if the U.S. economy does not improve, President-elect Enrique Pena Nieto was quoted as saying on Monday.

In an interview with Mexican newspaper El Financiero, Pena Nieto said Latin America's second biggest economy needed to reduce its dependence on the United States, where nearly 80 percent of Mexico's exports are sent.

"We have to take advantage of the United States' geographical proximity, but if the economic situation there does not improve, Mexico is obliged to look for other markets to strengthen growth," Pena Nieto said.

"Asia, it's a region with a lot of consumers and where the spending power of the market has grown and improved. This is an opportunity for the Mexican presence."

China is Mexico's third-biggest export market after the United States and Canada. The balance of trade between China and Mexico is heavily tilted in favor of the Asian giant, which provides Mexico with roughly 15 percent of its imports.

Should You Move to Mexico?

By: David Simmonds


It seems like a simple enough question, doesn’t it? You are at point in your life when a major change is possible. You’ve traveled to a few places in Mexico, kicked back on the beach at sunset with a cold cerveza and thought “I really like this place – the weather is perfect, prices are good, the people are amazing – yes, maybe I could make this happen.” And then, of course, most of us go back home and dutifully fall into the familiar daily grind, only occasionally allowing ourselves to remember that day on the beach and the possible plan that always seems…just out of reach.

But now, more and more of us are acting on those elusive dreams. For many that time in life has arrived when the impossible becomes the possible, the impractical becomes “just maybe.” The Baby Boomers, those ‘60’s counterculture rebels-in-waiting, have worked for 40 years and are finally ready to be the people they remember they were. At the core, they are still the backpackers and wanderers, the idealists and the dreamers. And Mexico, after all, is so close, and it has all those warm beaches, and history, and food carts serving those mesquite tacos…just maybe.

And it’s not just the Boomers. The internet has changed everything over the past 20 years. Today you find younger gringos, many with families, living in Mexico. They have web-based businesses they can run from anywhere, or they have started a physical business in Mexico – a restaurant, a tour business, a real estate office. They live in a Mexican neighborhood and are learning Spanish. They have discovered the concept of community, a soul-satisfying lifestyle that has all but disappeared in many towns and cities north of the border. 

Moving to another country, without doubt, is a big deal, and requires extensive research and planning. That beautiful little colonial town in the highlands seemed like a place you could call home forever when you visited for that one idyllic week last year. As did the fishing village where you spent two weeks last Christmas – well before the rainy season with all the bugs and humidity that no one thought to mention to you. Finding your spot, the place that you could live, requires that you spend some time there, summer and winter. You need to see if you can adjust to the pace, the daily life challenges, the Mexican way. 

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800 U.S. Citizens Are Seriously Injured or Killed in Their Bathtubs

By: WorldFootPrints


Peter Greenberg continues sharing some important travel tips. This clip showcases things we should know when traveling internationally. Make sure to listen to our interviews with Peter on the World Footprints radio show.

Google takes aim at Mexico's drug cartels

Martha Mendoza
WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif. (AP) — Google, so far, has won the search engine wars. Now it wants to target international crime, including Mexico's powerful drug cartels.
Eric Schmidt, Google Inc.'s executive chairman, has taken a keen interest in Mexico, where more than 47,500 people have been killed in drug-related violence since President Felipe Calderon launched an offensive against the cartels in 2006. Schmidt recently visited most of Mexico's most violent cities, Ciudad Juarez, where civic leaders asked if he could help.
"Defeated, helpless, these people have been so hardened in their experience with cartels that they have lost battles and they have lost hope," Schmidt told a conference on international crime this week. "They were looking for a universal hammer to protect them. For me the answer was obvious. It was technology."
Experts told the conference that Mexico's cartels often use more sophisticated technology than law enforcement. Cartel assets include mapping software that tracks the location of police from high-tech control rooms; remote control submarines; and military grade rocket launchers.
Drug-dealing organizations can intercept satellite feeds, including images broadcast by intelligence agency drones. They run money laundering networks that handle an estimated $25 billion a year in drug profits.
"It's a technological arms race, and at this moment they're winning," said Marc Goodman, founder of Future Crimes, who studies the nexus of technology and transnational crime. "But there's never been an operating system that hasn't been hacked."
Google's immense intelligence assets can be brought to bear on the cartels, Schmidt suggested.
Google's ideas include creating a network so citizens can safely report cartel activity without fear of retribution. It wants to make sharing real-time intelligence easier among police in different regions. It can identify how individuals are connected to each other, to bank accounts and even to corrupt government officials. It can create community Web platforms for citizens to share information and name and shame criminals.
Talk also addressed human and arms trafficking, exploitation of child soldiers, and airport and seaport security.

Best of Ensenada - A guide to the Best of Ensenada

By: Proturismo De Ensenada


Proturismo De Ensenada

Ensenada, one of the most colorful cities in Baja California welcomes you and invites you to enjoy it's many invaluable attractions: beaches, deserts, pine forests, culture, friendly people, wines and delicious food.

Ensenada has it all!

Either you are here for business or pleasure; by car, plane or ship, you will always find something that will surpass your Expectations. Take a walk on the beach…Surprise yourself practicing ecotourism…Explore the Wine Country…Taste de local gastronomy…Relax at the most comfortable hotels and spas…Ensenada, a city full of contrasts and surprises! Come and enjoy it! TAKE A TOUR....

Estero Beach Hotel & Resort

Estero Beach Hotel / Resort is a prestigious family-oriented Resort that has been a favorite since the 1950's, combines the luxury of being away from the stress of ordinary living with an array of exciting activities. It is a favorite location for many sporting events such as beach volleyball, soccer and tennis tournaments. TAKE A TOUR.....

Las Rosas Hotel & Spa

Your Satisfaction is Our Commitment

At Las Rosas Hotel & Spa we have had the privilege of serving our guests for 25 years. Our services are designed for you to have fun. From a delicious dinner to timely service to the room, exclusive spa treatments and the best local products to make your visit a unique experience of Ensenada.

An escape from home for the couple, a place to go with the family or friends, a place to do business or simply indulge yourself, Hotel Las Rosas offers personal attention to detail and service in the most captivating city in the world.

Baja's gastronomy at LA Street Food Fest



SAN DIEGO - Baja California's gastronomy will be the center of attention Once Again When its main Promoters meet at the 3rd edition of the LA Street Food Fest to be Held at the Rose Bowl This Saturday.
Food from California's Both will be the Protagonist of the event with over 75 Exhibitors from lunch places to restaurants, street food carts, wines and events the best ice cream of the LA region.
The event WAS created 3 years ago by LA residents Shawna Dawson and Sonja Rasula hoping to Promote local food and venues.
This time, due to the success Achieved by the gastronomy of Baja California, a special section will be Designated to present it; Low-Med Gastronomy Has Been Praised by Internationally renowned chefs like Anthony Bourdain who events shot an episode of historical TV show's latest season in the area.

Mexican singer Alejandro Fernández to delight Ensenada

By: Andrea Garcia


Next to the ocean, the waves and the sea breeze, Surrounded by ships and forecasted weather With A to be perfect; Those are the details of Alejandro Fernandez 'presentation next August 24 in Ensenada.
The stage on Which the "Foal" will delight fans With His music and quirky smile will be Ensenada's Cruise Terminal (federal zone).
Alejandro is the renowned Mexican singer are of Vicente Fernandez, Whose voice made him powerful an icon of Ranchero music back in the 60's and after more than a Successful career is said to remove This Year.
The "Hold" performer is returning to Baja thrilling female eyes since, besides His Music, His physique is one of historical alluring features.
Antonio Flores, representative of RCV Travel Shop around 7.000 Said That people are expected at this show on "The Cinderella of the Pacific" where doors will open from 6pm.
This event is in perfect excuse to make the MOST of the zone's treasures; Attendees can arrive the day before, see the sun rise over the city and enjoy ITS touristic area.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Why Investors Love Mexico

By: Kenneth Rapoza


For many investment firms, Mexico has become a number one overweight in their global portfolios.

And it has paid off. As measured by the broad iShares MSCI Mexico (EWW) exchange traded fund year-to-date, large cap Mexican equities have risen 17.5 percent, beating the MSCI Emerging Markets index’s rise of 2.29 percent and the S&P 500′s rise of 9.49 percent.

The economy has been doing well, though that was partially because of the U.S. in the first half of the year. The next two quarters are expected to be much worse for the U.S., and so Mexico will feel some drag on its economy because of it.   Newly elected politicians from PRI are more pro-growth than they have been in the past, singing the praises of the private sector.  And wage growth in Mexico is flat, while it is rising in China.  The population is young, so Mexico has a demographics edge that China does not have. Or Russia for that matter. Earlier this month, Nomura Securities even forecast that Mexico would overtake Brazil as the largest economy in Latin America.
Mexico is currently the 12th largest economy in the world. Brazil is around No. 6.  Mexico’s GDP last year was $1.65 trillion, up from $1.59 trillion in 2010 and $1.51 trillion in 2009.  By comparison, Brazil’s GDP in 2011 was $2.2 trillion.
“Mexico is not some flavor-of-the-month economy. It might be some flavor of the month in different years, but overall this is a very important economy and will continue to be so, even more so than it ever has been,” says Heiner Skaliks, portfolio manager at the Strategic Latin America fund (SLATX) based out of La Paz, Bolivia. The fund has 40 percent of its fund in Mexican equities or dollar denominated bonds. “A lot of people were waiting for the elections to be over. Now we know the PRI is in. They want private sector investment. They want to be a global player from an economic perspective. The questions about the election are behind us and now you can do the very difficult work of putting the policies in place to help position Mexico in the emerging markets,” says Skaliks.

Mexico artist Minerva Cuevas is giving away phone calls

By: Daniel Hernandez


MEXICO CITY -- The pay phone is tucked into a colonial-era doorway facing a busy sidewalk downtown. It happens to draw attention only because the phone is bright red. “Free calls,” reads a plain sign taped inside, along with instructions on how to dial any number in Mexico or in the world.

An installation conceived by artist Minerva Cuevas, the phone also features a photograph of a chimpanzee picking up an old rotary phone, like an open invitation. One recent day, this reporter stumbled upon the phone and did what millions of others might do when faced with a free call. I called my mother.

“Hey, mom! I'm calling you for an art piece!”

“Oh, that's great, mi'jo,” she replied, before launching into the latest local gossip.

Few artists in the world challenge the penny-for-penny profits of global capitalism as bluntly as Mexico City native Cuevas. She puts revolutionary slogans inside mass-produced fortune cookies and hands out bottles of water taped with the word “Egalite” instead of “Evian,” because shouldn't water always be free?

Her free pay phone is a new work produced for an exhibit at the Museo de la Ciudad de Mexico, or Museum of Mexico City. The show, on view until Aug. 5, covers a career defined by Cuevas' knack at turning art into giveaways for ordinary people hustling to make ends meet in a tough city. They are particularly subversive gestures for Mexico, the artist says, a society where the very wealthy and connected usually get all the shortcuts and giveaways they might wish.

Cuevas' Mejor Vida Corp. is perhaps her most well-known conceptual project. This Better Life “corporation” distributed subway tickets inside underground stations, handed out low-price barcodes to sneak onto items in stores, and produced fake student ID cards (for transit and entertainment discounts) by request from strangers.

As might be expected, the public responded approvingly. Mejor Vida Corp. went on to become an icon of contemporary Mexican art in the 1990s.

The exhibit on Cuevas also highlights works that are surprising for their almost formal expressions in painting and performance. In a 1995 video, the earliest piece in the exhibit, Cuevas films herself through the process of drinking an entire bottle of tequila.


By: Keli Dailey


Minutes from the Ensenada coast, there’s a patch of peace and Mexican wine country called Valle de Guadalupe. Its wineries are spread out, camouflaged in a vine-studded, mountain-ringed valley. Restless food explorers like me (and Anthony Bourdain, and Andrew Zimmern) have trekked over red dirt roads to experience the Valle’s unhurried pace, to try its gourmet restaurants, and to report about the region’s unique mexicanidad — its Mexican character. For your own Baja California travelogue, consider these food-and-wine gems:

Corazón de Tierra

La Villa Del Valle hotel; 52-646-156-8030 or
Tipsy after tasting innovative wine blends at Las Nubes (52-646-176-8120) — one of about 50 wineries in the valley — I found a meal I’ve looked for my whole life. At Corazón de Tierra (Heart of the Land), chef Diego Hernández turns Mexican gastronomy into pure-tasting anthropology. Owned by Hernández and Phil and Eileen Gregory, the restaurant is eco-modern: The dining room is textured with reclaimed wood. Floor-to-ceiling windows look out on an artichoke-dense organic garden. And when I sat down to a $55 lunchtime tasting menu, all five courses cheered for the Mexican scene. From the delicate head cheese (a jellied pork terrine) to the oyster gratin with Swiss chard and bits of fried lamb, the ingredients came from the nearby ocean or surrounding land. Take that sumptuous salad with chicharrónes (deep-fried pork skin), turnip purée, sorrel, lardons and aged cheese from the valley’s Rancho Cortés: It glowed with civic pride. I’ll never forget the perfectly cooked yellowtail or its fine black crust of burnt garlic, onion and vegetable leaves turned into ash. “Ash is a very common preparation in Mexican gastronomy, especially in the Yucatán Peninsula,” Hernández explained. At Corazón, the plant cinders elevate the fish to something age-old yet surprising, like finding a family treasure undamaged after a fire.

Vena Cava winery
Upturned boats serve as rooftops at the stunning Vena Cava (Wine Cave) winery, found on the same property as the boutique La Villa Del Valle hotel (52-646-156-8007) and Corazón de Tierra. There, British expat Phil Gregory makes 15,000 bottles of artisanal wines each year. The Sauvignon Blanc shimmers like liquid silver and tastes mildly of peaches. (I’ve happily discovered it stateside at North Park’s El Take It Easy.) “My lot in life is to help people drink wine,” Gregory said. He learned winemaking nearby at Estación de Oficios del Porvenir (52-646-175-0000), the school started by Bordeaux-trained oenologist Hugo D’Acosta, who’s credited with turning Valle de Guadalupe into a global vino-contender.


Miguel Angel Guerrero leads the “Baja-Med” culinary movement in Tijuana (see the chef’s celebrated La Querencia). His weekends-only grill is set among an olive grove and has roasted duck pizza and smoked ahi tuna tostadas.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Border week: Tijuana hosts its first coffee and tea expo

By: Sandra Dibble


This is going to be a good week for tea and coffee drinkers and lovers of barbeque and wine. And for three days, members of Indian tribes from across northwest Mexico are offering to share their cultures with the public in a Tijuana park.

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday (July 22), Tijuana for the first time will host the Expo de Té y Café, an event featuring exhibits, talks and samples.

Among the scheduled speakers: Javier Plascencia, chef at Tijuana’s Mision 19 (1 p.m. Friday); Olivia Medina de Jonsson, author of “El fascinante mundo del te” (2:30 p.m. Friday, 4 p.m. Saturday, and 2 p.m. Sunday); Ana Laura Martínez Gardoqui of Tijuana’s Culinary Art School, who will explain how to prepare the perfect cup of tea (noon on Saturday).

The event is open to the public and takes place at Tijuana’s Grand Hotel. Cost is 50 pesos per day ($3.75) or 100 pesos ($7.50) for all three days. For details and a complete schedule, go to:

Other notable events this week include:

Friday through Sunday: A gathering of indigenous groups from across northwest Mexico at Tijuana’s Morelos Park. The three-day event includes ceremonies, food, music and craft presentations. From 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. The public is invited to attend. No admission charge.

Sunday: Festival de la Brasa, La Cerveza y el Vino 2012 (barbeque, beer and wine) takes place starting at 12:30 p.m. in the parking lot of the Caliente Casino and Racetrack. Scheduled to participate are six Baja California wineries and 16 restaurants offering hamburgers, chicken, seafood and a variety of Mexican dishes. Prices range from $1.50 to $9 per item.

Ongoing through Aug. 24th: The Ensenada/Riverside Cultural Exchange presents the Ensenada-inspired works of Mark Schooley as well as pieces by various members of Plein Air Artsts of Riverside. At the Galería de la Ciudad in the Riviera Cultural Center and at Terra Peninsular on Avenida López Mateos near Avenida Castillo #1090-5.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Whale Watching in Baja California

By: Baja Insider


For thousands of years the grey whales have migrated to Baja in the winter to bear there young in the warm and placid waters surrounding the Baja Peninsula. The grey whale migration takes them south past the west coast of the United States and the Pacific coast of Baja. Scammon’s Lagoon and Bahia San Ignacio are some of the most famous places to see grey whales. San Ignacio boasts the 'friendly whales', a pod that seems to have over some time, developed an afinity with the tourists that come to whale watch in Baja.
Gray whales are 52 feet long and weigh 36 tons, yet are gentle enough to touch… and Baja California’s Pacific coast is the perfect place to experience the thrill! Every year in November, more than 10 thousand gray whales trade the freezing waters of Alaska’s Bering Sea for the warmth of Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula. Traveling along the Pacific coastline at top speeds of five mph and with pregnant females in the lead, the whales take about four months to make the 10 thousand miles roundtrip.
Whale breeching
Once the whales reach the Mexican coast, they mate, bask in soothing lagoons and give birth, making January through early April the peak time to whale watch. During these months, boat excursions are available all along Baja California, giving tourists the chance to observe these magnificent creatures in their natural environment, see the newborn calves and enjoy the blowhole water shows. Gray whales are so friendly that on many occasions they swim right up to the boats and even allow human contact. In early spring, the calves and their mothers are the last to head back up north, and without the presence of the males, mothers are less protective, often allowing their young to approach tour boats more freely.

Where to watch Although a small percentage of whales, particularly those that are not giving birth, make it as far south as Cabo San Lucas and the East Cape on the southern tip of the Baja, most whale-watching takes place in three major lagoons all the coastline of the Baja Peninsula.

Welcome to the office of famous Dr. T

By: Tijuana Mexico Dentist


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