Monday, April 2, 2012

Young clean Arroyo Ensenada

The Municipal Institute Youth Ensenada (IMJUVENS) in coordination with the Association AGER implemented this day a day of cleaning Cove Brook (between sixth and seventh), and the reforestation of 100 oaks in Doña Petra Canyon.
This was announced by the Director of IMJUVENS Juan Angel Estrada Cruz, who said that this time involving about 350 young people and social service providers belonging to the civil partnership.

He noted that these actions are aimed at raising awareness, form a judgment on them the responsibility to maintain in good environmental conditions and give the message that youth is not apathetic participatory.

"Young people who are participating are doing so voluntarily and is a call that youth is here to support others and that their attitude is positive," said Estrada Cruz.

He said that in this day involved cleaning staff of the Municipal Utilities and the Department of Ecology to provide the guidance necessary to carry out reforestation of oaks.

Finally, Juan Angel Estrada Cruz, IMJUVENS Holder mentioned that these campaigns are still underway, as well join the other programs that implements the Municipal Government as it is Fulfilling Commitments to Ensenada.

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