Monday, April 2, 2012

Program to support cultural

The call opens Pacmyc 2012 period for receipt of projects that strengthen cultural identity and cultural processes of communities, geographic and symbolic spaces where they develop, said the ICBC representative in Ensenada, Vanessa González Verdugo.
The Directorate General of Popular Culture National Council for Culture and the Arts and the departments, institutes, councils and culture addresses of state governments, in this case, the Cultural Institute of Baja California, summoned the Program Support Municipal and Community Cultures Pacmyc 2012.

The representative of ICBC said that this call means economic resources impact projects around a particular cultural expression in a specific population or region, with amounts of up to 50 thousand dollars.

He added that in order that interested parties are directed to information on the requirements, how to present the project documentation to provide, among other points of the call, ICBC will provide the Project Development Workshop to participate in Pacmyc 2012.

The workshop will be held free of charge on Tuesday 27 March 16:00 to 18:00 hours at the City Gallery, next to the Representation of ICBC, in the Civic Center Building, Social and Cultural Riviera.

The workshop will be taught by Pedro Hernandez of the Department of Popular Culture of ICBC, based in Tijuana. Those interested can contact us by telephone 177 31 30 ICBC Ensenada.

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