Friday, April 27, 2012

Daniel Corral, high hopes

A pride for the sport of Ensenada, Baja California and Mexico is Daniel Corral Barron, who at only 22 has one of the most wanted achievement for any high performance athlete, the classification of the Olympic Games.

The athlete won one of his greatest dreams and became the first gymnast in over fifteen years to get your ticket to the Olympics.

Far from the spotlight and the pressure of representing Mexico at the Olympics, Daniel Corral is prepared on the premises of Ensenada Gymnastics Club, supervised by their coach Oscar Aguirre, who is seeking his pupil cap reaches the fair summer.

With simple and friendly attitude, the gymnast explains that in the months leading up to the Olympics feels no pressure, more than others just as in the qualifiers.

"Well, glad, I'm much calmer, more relaxed even more than before a classification Olympic Games, is a new stage for me, for my team and we are taking full advantage."

Yet a state and a country on the lookout for his performance in London in 2012, Corral says makes no promises as to results, but emphasized that goes with the aim of improving their performances all previous powers and trusts that have what it takes to have a historical performance for Mexico.

"You work to overcome their same brands, that's what we're focusing, and the end results or will on their own but you have to focus on overcoming their own brands, their own scores, climbing brands, up routines , risking everything, that's how I see that you can reach the Olympic finals, including an Olympic medal. "

The Ensenada adds that can not talk about how it is in terms of capacity to three months of the Games, more clear that feels good and that he and his team are focused on arriving at his best on British soil.

"I think the person to know is my coach, but I really feel great, the team consists of pure people who specialize in your area, whether the psychologist, the sports doctor, my coach, I think my training fully addressed my main competition is the Olympics and I believe that within the graph, we are seventy or eighty percent. "

Corral Barron did not focus on their preparation as a result of which got its ticket to London, explains that the process dates from years ago and that the ticket is the result of a long work.

"The preparation process did not start from the classification, is a project that was done for many years, since I turned 10 years was a project that was formed and in which he worked ever since."

The "Buenos Aires" is a gymnast rather than consolidated nationwide and more than fifty gold medals in the Olympic National Championships and Pan American Games are displayed in clear, but after qualifying to London, her life has changed and states that the most important change has noticed is in himself.

"I have not thought about the great impact that has occurred in my life, I believe that if I do a recap of how my life was before to how it is right now, if there have been some changes, the biggest change I've seen has been in me, I learned many things, I understand many things not previously understood and much of that I owe it to the gym. "

Long distance

Daniel began his walk in the gym since I was a small, three years and recalled that it was thanks to his mother, who, looking for his little spend their energy on an activity, chose to take Gymnastics Club Ensenada.

"I started at age three and a half, in this gym I've been all my life, the reason I went was for my mom, she wanted an activity where I could spend some energy, spend a little and found my hyperactivity gymnastics, and I'm still here. "

Corral Barron noted that since it was posted in the apparatus, his love for fitness grew and never thought of another discipline to practice a high level.

"It was always the gym, from tiny sport was always interested me, even I played with my companions, at recess, all sports, basketball, football, baseball, volleyball, all I had to play but was more than no recreation, as was always competitive stage gymnastics that caught my attention. "

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