Wednesday, April 4, 2012

With all rain event Castro Limon Foundation.

Hugo Martinez the first to reach the goal.

Posted March 17, 2012
by Elizabeth Vargas

Despite the rain that occurred on Saturday morning around 1 000 500 runners participated in the Bike Ride III "Pedaling for a life expectancy" organized by the foundation Castro Limon.
With cold and rain attendees departed at 10:30 on Saturday, the "Baja Studios" in Rosarito for the distance of 60 miles to the Rancho Toros Pintos on Bibayoff Winery in Guadalupe Valley crossing the road free by the Tigre.
Hundreds of attendees flocked to support their family on a tour where you could watch the cheerleaders with raincoats and umbrellas.
The first to reach the goal of this trip was the rider Hugo Martinez of the city of Tijuana, who was involved needs to be happy despite the weather, because it was for a noble cause, as is support children with cancer.
According to the organizers expected a share of about 3 000 runners but due to rain only got a little more than half of the attendees.
Roberto Castro and David Bibayoff appreciated the support received by brokers and relatives of these and forward to next year for this walk will be held at a date further away from the rains.
After the race there was a popular festival in which various sponsors who had tendered their products.

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