Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday commemorated in Ensenada

Hundreds of people gathered this Friday to perform the staging of the Cross, where the faithful were in charge of carrying the cross.

As every year, on this date, the Catholic Christians share the way of the cross, remembering the day that Christ died for the salvation of sins.

The day Jesus was sentenced to death, is one of the most important dates of holy days, a day on which fasting is part of the ritual, as the Catholic Church.

There were nine men who carried the cross in the ordeal that made the Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe, culminating with a mass in the same facilities.

Amanda Rodriguez attends this event every year and explained that it is a way of prayer to remember the passion of Jesus Christ on his way to Calvary.

The path is represented by a series of images of the Passion or "stations" for incidents that Jesus suffered for the salvation of mankind.

For Joel Echeverri, one of those charged by a short cross from about 40 kilograms, said he did it to "feel for a moment what Jesus felt that day."

"I wanted to get for a moment at the place of the Lord carried her to imagine for all that He spent even just a moment," he said.

Accompanied by his family, said it is important as a Catholic, value the sacrifice that Christ made for the forgiveness of the sins of mankind, as the greatest act of love.

"These are days that we must live them in family, in communion with our loved ones and help each other, because I think we need to all human love and affection," he said.

In doing, he continued, we remember with love and thanks so much Jesus suffered for our salvation from sin during his passion and death.

Guillermo Herrera, one of the participants of the procession, said he carried the cross as part of a promise for the health of your family prevails.

For him, this time is for repentance and unity, where the ties should be strengthened.

He said it is important that in these times, there is more closer to God, because times are tough, in which the love between there must be similar.

Ricardo Figueroa, Leonel Miranda, Miguel Angel Peraza, Cesar Rodriguez, Rogelio Valdez, Florentino Sanchez and Jose Alberto Diaz, were other faithful who carried the cross, a distance of approximately five blocks.

During the seven seasons that includes the Via Crucis, the faithful read passages from the Bible, where the suffering of Jesus to Calvary, is represented.

The ordeal ended at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe, where later he would make the celebration of the Lord's Passion and the Rosary of condolences.

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