Monday, April 2, 2012

It marked World Water Day.

"The sustainable management of water as a long-term," was the themeCONAGUA presented as part of the celebration of World Water Day is held everyMarch 22 since 1992.
Our state is one of the areas with less precipitation throughout the republic, of which the main source of water supply is the Colorado River, which provides 1.850 million cubic meters, followed by a thousand 100 million taken from the basement,where agriculture consumes 80 percent of the volumes, said Ismael Grijalva whoholds Palomino CONAGUA of Baja California.

A consequence of this situation, the National Water Commission has made overthe past five years invested more than 3 billion pesos in the casing and tubingchannels permitting the recovery of bodies of water, irrigation efficiency and to helpstrengthen the generation of food.

Ismael Grijalva reiterated that currently there are great challenges, as demand is increasing fluid so they seek alternative supply such as desalination of seawaterand wastewater reuse mainly in the municipalities of Tijuana, Ensenada and Rosarito.

World Water Holding was created in the environment conference in Rio de Janeiroin 1992, which aims to remember the importance of water for humans using thisyear's theme of "Water and Food Security" .

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