Monday, March 12, 2012

Real Heroes of Mexico

The MEXICO Report believes it’s vital to showcase the positive news and goodwill efforts taking place in Mexico, especially those who are making a difference. That’s why we are pleased to introduce the “Real Heroes of Mexico” Awards.
We see everyday people in Mexico, doing amazing things in the community, in business, in the environment, in their homes, in non-profits and all around who go above and beyond, and most go unrecognized. Our goal is to recognize and showcase their efforts, their bravery, their kindness, their achievements, their positive, inspirational stories and share them with the world!
Meet the Real Heroes of Mexico Ambassadors, our awesome team who have their eye on Mexico, those who are also eager to join in on this mission; those who are also passionate about identifying and showcasing the good in Mexico, the unspoken heroes and acts of kindness, and those sincerely making a difference in bettering the image of Mexico.

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