Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Valle de Guadalupe: Baja California’s Enchanting Wine Country

By: Kristin Diaz di Sandi

Source: Life and Food Blog

Being in El Valle de Guadalupe there is always this feeling of serenity that I can not get enough of. On our most recent trip we were celebrating Father’s day. We rarely ever have a plan or set agenda, it’s more like we make the drive down there and see where we end up. With our stomachs doing the talking, you never know what we will be in the mood for. This time around our first stop was at a little road side stand bearing a sign that said “Barbacoa”. So you may have guessed it, we stopped for of course barbacoa, as well as tacos de lengua. The smell of the lamb meat was just intoxicating. It is honestly the random food stops that have such simplicity and quality, that make me love food just that much more. You might now think that it is possible, but it is all about the world of exploration.

We spent part of our afternoon under the shady trees at Viña de Liceaga. We need to keep cool in the 94 degree heat, while drinking our vino tinto right? I absolutely love walking hand in hand with my son Giovanni, and taking in all of the beautiful scenery. Before we knew it we had reached the last drop of wine, and we were back on the road again.


In between there and the Emevé vineyards we managed to make a stop for some fresh apple pies, pan ruso, and cheese. I am never one to refuse cheese! One of my favorite finds was actually the rose petal jam. Just putting your nose into the jar for a whiff, is a special experience. We left with our mini pies, bread, and cheese, but of course that doesn’t mean that we didn’t have room left for more wine and food.


Silvestre was the last and final stop for this trip. This was actually their first weekend of being open for the season. Let me tell you, the view alone is just breath taking. I think I went into some sort of vineyard tunnel vision, and had my own escape for a couple of minutes. There isn’t a menu. They come up to you with a board that has the specials written for the day, and everything is prepared on a mesquite grill. To get the taste buds tingling, you are presented with a snack of jicama covered in lime juice and dried chile powder. We only ordered a couple of items from the menu, considering that we had already been eating for the entire day. I would definitely love to make a trip back, and order all of the specials offered on that day. The grilled chicken was bursting with flavor, and oh so juicy. Chicken is honestly not something that I order that often, but this made me start to wonder why. The fluffy herb flecked bun that housed the pork was absolutely delicious. The ingredients that filled the bun were smokey and salty, with an added crunch from the garnish. As you may know already, I am a lover of all foods with texture.
Breathing in the fresh air and enjoying a delicious meal was the perfect ending to this Father’s day. Until next time my dear Valle de Guadalupe!
Viña de Liceaga
Km. 93 carretera Tecate Ensenada
San Antonio de las Minas, BC
Fam. Samarin
Principal 277
Valle de Guadalupe, BC
Vinícola Emevé
Parcela #67 Ejido El Porvenir,
El Porvenir, Baja California.
México. C.P. 22755
En Tijuana: (664) 634 1080

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